Vicky Gomez

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Vicky Gomez

Clinical Dietitian Nutritionist @ healthy Empire
Masters of Nutrition & Dietetics | Bachelor of Science Accredited Practising Dietitian, Accredited Nutritionist, Certificate in Paediatric Nutrition, Sports and FODMAP, Gut Health Specialising


“Seal of expertise and promise of results” with a personal approach to nutrition”

With a reputation built over time and qualifications in Nutrition and Dietetics, Vicky Gomez has a practical approach to health and recognises the humanity and social nature in her clients.

Vicky removes the ‘sacrifice’ from choosing to lead a healthy life whereby client meal plans are made-to-fit the individuals unique lifestyle.

She takes the deprivation out of her clients mindset by providing tools of mental, emotional and physiological knowledge. She recognises that living a life of health and longevity means being educated on ways to use food as medicine.

Having a deep understanding of ‘the why’ and ‘the how’ in solving challenges and producing results, allows Vicky to deliver in a way that is easily understood and actioned with confidence.

Together with the latest cutting edge science and collaborating with practitioners at Allegiance medical Centre we can devise a practical meal plan to drive you to good health.

My Story My Approach

Improving your patient’s health, by diet & nutrition!

“with credible information, practical advice and setting up an environment that makes the healthy choice unavoidable”

I am a strong believer of ‘food is medicine’. As a qualified Nutritionist and Dietetic practitioner, my clients face health challenges ranging from diabetes, cardiovascular conditions, gut health to weight and other clinical issues that can become difficult to manage with food. We tend to feel compromised by the concept of a healthy life and making healthy choices.

A personalised approach to nutrition means you don’t have to take Sunday brunch off the menu!

We all lead unique lives, with unique needs and conditions, which means health should be tailored to fit our lifestyle.

Not the other way around.

I consult and custom create a meal program that’s unique to each person, inclusive of education, knowledge, recipe and menu development with consideration for locality, lifestyle and health concerns.

With a mindset of practicality, my tailored solutions revolve around sustainable tools matched with meal plans that enriches lives rather than restricts. Feeling restrictive is never fun and tends to lead to abandoning our goals. I fit nutrition into your lifestyle and objectives in a realistic way that won’t feel like a chore, but rather liberating and empowering.

The secret to my results driven approach has successfully seen my clients uplifted with a renewed zest for healthy living, knowing that their desired outcome is completely achievable. They are empowered with an understanding of how food has a direct impact on the life we choose to create. Most importantly, being informed and educated results in sweet transformations and healthy meals that are just as delicious.

Solutions that are backed up by science, research and results are hard to ignore. Nutrition is a powerful tool that not only affects our physical selves, but also heavily influences our mental and emotional state. When ignored, it can lead to a lack of self control and making detrimental choices that creates a rippling effect on all areas of our lives. It’s a little personal but isn’t it time we got a little personal with nutrition?

Client meal plans are made-to-fit the individuals unique lifestyle, circumstances and objectives. Vicky takes a personal investment into understanding what the clients week looks like to better implement a system designed for longevity and sustainability. Furthermore, removing the room for perceived failure.

Specialising in science based health for the following:

  • Weight loss and weight loss longevity
  • Gut health – microbiome – dysbiosis –mental health – weight loss
  • Diabetes and pre-diabetes including impaired glucose tolerance
  • Heart disease, blood Pressure & cholesterol management
  • Diabetes & IGT (pre-diabetes) & PCOS
  • High cholesterol – Cholesterol reduction with alternative food approach
  • Vegetarian/ vegan diets
  • Paediatric Nutrition – Linking diet to autism, ADD/ADHD,
  • Paediatric Fussy Eaters – implementing the Power of associational food technique

Get personal with nutrition

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